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Using Numbers

Learning about Place Value and Counting is the very first step on the mathematics ladder. Here are some colourful counting worksheets to help make your child's first taste of maths a fun experience!

Counting to 10 Worksheet
Counting to 20 Worksheet
Place Value Worksheet - Hundreds, Tens and Units

One of the first skills that students learn in Year 1 is understanding bigger and smaller numbers. They start to learn the value of numbers and this helps them start to progress towards addition and subtraction.

Bigger and Smaller Numbers Worksheet 1                          Answer Sheet
Bigger and Smaller Numbers Worksheet 2                          Answer Sheet

Odds and Evens Worksheet                                                Answer Sheet

Progress And Advance In Maths Revision & Practice for Ages 11 too 13

Online SATs Test

11 Plus Revision Pack
Perfect for 11 Plus & SATs Revision

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