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Level 6 SATs Mathematics

In 2012 optional level 6 key stage 2 SATs papers were reintroduced for high attaining pupils. Level 6 opens up a whole new range of topics that need to be covered in order to cope successfully with the papers.

The Level 6 Mathematics tests will be in the form of two papers - one non-calculator paper and one calculator paper.

Level 6 SATs were in use until 2002 but in a slightly different format. The papers, however, will give you some idea of the types of question the students will face:

2001 Level 6 Mathematics Test C

2002 Level 6 Mathematics Test C

Maths Star Level 6 Mini Online Exam

Try Maths Star's Level 6 Worked Answer Packs - they are designed around both the 2011 sample papers and the 2012 and 2013 exam papers and contain free copies of the level 6 papers as well as worked answers for all of the questions.

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