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Maths Question Of The Week

Welcome to Maths Question Monday!

Every Monday, we will be putting up a “question of the week”. You can find the questions on Twitter using #MQMonday or you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

KS2 SATs Question 3

In the run up to the SATs, here are some sample questions to get your teeth into. For more practice, try our targeted SATs packs

KS2 SATs Question 2

KS2 SATs Question 1

Algebra Question 4

We are having a few weeks of algebra questions. Here's our fourth one - solving a formula with unknowns on both sides

Algebra Question 3

This was our third one - changing the subject of a formula.

Step 1: Take the 2y away from both sides:  3x = 5 - 2y

Step 2: Divide both sides by 3:   x = (5 - 2y)/3

Algebra Question 2

Here was our second one - substitution into an algebraic expression.

(5 x 5) + (3 x -2)
= 25 + (-6)
= 25 - 6 = 19

Algebra Question 1

Here was our first algebra question - solving an algebraic equation to find x.

Step 1: Add 10 to both sides to get 3x = 15
Step 2: Divide both sides by 3 to get x = 5

For more practice, visit our Algebra Page

January Question 3

January Question 2

January Question 1

Winter Question 2

Winter Question 1

Autumn Question 4

Autumn Question 3

It's feeling a lot more like winter than autumn with these chilly temperatures!

Autumn Question 2

In Autumn we say goodbye to many of our birds as they fly to warmer countries. Swallows tend to fly at around 18 miles per hour. If a swallow flies at that speed for 11 hours, how far will it travel?

Autumn Question 1

Download this as a printable PDF:  Maths Star Autumn Questions 

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