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Year 1 Maths Curriculum

The new national curriculum for Year 1 maths is made up of the following topics:
  • Read and write numbers up to 100 using numbers
  • Read and write numbers up to 20 using words
  • Count forwards and backwards up to 100
  • Count in twos, fives and tens
  • Compare quantities with more than, less than, equal to, most, least
  • Identify and show numbers using objects, pictures and number lines
  • Find one more or one less than a number
  • Use number bonds up to 20
  • Write and use mathematical equations with plus, minus and equal signs
  • Add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers to 20
  • Solve addition and subtraction problems using objects and pictures
  • Solve missing number problems involving adding and subtracting
  • Solve simple multiplication and division problems with groups of objects
  • Find one half and one quarter of objects, shapes and quantities
  • Compare and solve problems with length, height, mass, volume and time
  • Measure and record length, height, mass, volume and time
  • Know the value of different coins and notes
  • Know the days of the week and how days are arranged into months and years
  • Put events in order with the correct language
  • Tell the time to the half hour and draw hands on a clock face
  • Name and describe common 2D shapes and 3D shapes
  • Use mathematical terms to describe position and movement
  • Describe movement and direction using whole, half, quarter and 3 quarter turns

Key Stage 1 Maths Revision
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