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New National Curriculum From 2014

The new national curriculum started from September 2014, except for students in years 2 and 6. They will continue with the current curriculum and will sit the same type of curriculum tests. New testing arrangements will be organised for May 2016.

Currently, students are assessed in terms of levels. As part of the new curriculum, the levelling system will be removed and will not be replaced. Instead, the curriculum will be made up of programmes of study which will direct schools as to the topics that should be covered in each school year.

The reason for this is that the education department feels that the current levelling system is complicated and hard for parents to understand. They feel it also encourages teachers to focus on a pupil’s current level, rather than consider more broadly what the pupil can actually do.

The new programmes of study set out what should be taught by the end of each key stage.  The schools are then given the freedom to develop a curriculum which is relevant to their pupils and enables them to meet these expectations. 

Click here to see the new national curriculum framework from September 2014.

The mathematics curriculum is split into various elements:

Number - Number and Place Value
Number - Addition and Subtraction
Number - Multiplication and Division
Number - Fractions (this includes Decimals from Year 4 and Percentages from Year 6)
Geometry - Properties of Shapes
Geometry - Position and Direction
Statistics (this is now from Year 2 rather than from Key Stage 2)
Ratio and Proportion (from Year 6)
Algebra (from Year 6)

Primary National Curriculum From 2014
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