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Level 6 SATs Information

For several years, Year 6 SATs only went up to Level 5. Then, in 2012, optional level 6 key stage 2 SATs papers were reintroduced for high attaining pupils. This means that students who were working well above average were able to gain a level 6 rather than being limited to level 5.

In May 2016, the new Key Stage 2 Curriculum Tests will begin and Level 6 testing will be discontinued. At present, there are no plans to replace them with "extended testing". Level 6 from the previous curriculum does, however, follow the current national curriculum for the lower end of Key Stage 3 and can be helpful for KS3 revision and also for Key Stage 2 students who require extension work.

Level 6, of course, opened up a whole new range of topics that needed to be covered in order to cope successfully with the papers. This list mainly applies to Years 7 and 8 in Key Stage 3.
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