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Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests

SATs is the acronym for Statutory Assessment Tests. In Key Stage 2, these tests are taken in the May of Year 6. Optional tests used to be available for other year groups in Key Stage 2, but have been discontinued due to the curriculum changes.

Why are the SATs important?
The Year 6 SATs are mainly used by the school to check on progress. However, they are also used to assess the child's attainment before attending secondary school and are sometimes used by the secondary school to determine which sets they will enter in year 7. So, not something to take lightly!

What do the SATs involve?
Recently we have seen several changes to the SATs. The Year 6 SATs will now consist of the following tests:
English:- 1 Reading (comprehension) paper, 1 Grammar and Punctuation Paper and 1 Spelling paper.
Mathematics:- two 40-minute papers (both non calculator) and an arithmetic paper.

How do I get my child prepared?
Most schools will make sure children get prepared by giving them practice tests and may also supply them with booklets to work through for homework. The best way to help your child at home is to make sure they have solid maths and English skills: make sure they do plenty of reading, practice comprehension exercises and don't have any gaps in their maths knowledge. They also need to know a few exam techniques, such as dealing with timing and what to do if they don't know the answer. Check out our SATs Revision page to see what packs we have to offer.

We have recently seen several changes to the SATs exams. For more information about the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests from May 2016, visit our SATs pages.

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