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Key Stage 2 SATs Maths Videos

These videos take a question from a past maths paper and show you how to work out the answer, along with handy tips for those question types.

Video 6

KS2 2014 SATs Maths Test B - Coordinates

Video 5

KS2 2012 SATs Maths Test A - Long Multiplication

Video 4

KS2 2007 SATs Maths Test A - Shapes With Parallel Lines

Video 3

KS2 2009 SATs Maths Test A - Finding the length of a shape when given the sizes of a composite shape

Video 2

KS2 2013 SATs Maths Test A - Percentages

Video 1

KS2 2003 SATs Maths Test A - Reflecting a Shape in a Line of Symmetry

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