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Key Stage 2 National Curriculum SPaG Test

What is the format of the tests?

  Paper Time Allowed Marks Available
Paper 1 Grammar and Punctuation Questions 45 minutes 50 marks
Paper 2 Spelling Test (20 words) No set limit - Approx. 15 minutes 20 marks

Will there be a writing test?
No. A few years ago, writing tests were included as part of the Key Stage 2 SATs tests, but these have now been removed. Writing is looked at in the teacher assessment, but not in the tests.

How will the spelling test be administered?
The spelling test consists of 20 words. The test will be administered aurally, so each word will be read out and will also be read as part of a sentence. (For example, the words bread and bred sound the same, so reading the word as part of a sentence shows which form to spell).

What types of spellings will be included?
There will be a range of different spellings included, taken from the full range of the Key Stage 2 English curriculum (years 3 to 6). The only spelling types that won't be included are: possessive apostrophe with plural words and use of the hyphen. Those 2 spelling types may, however, appear in Paper 1.

What is the pass mark?
There is no "pass" or "fail" with SATs exams. The aim is to determine whether the student has grasped what they have been learning from Year 3 to 6.
The tests will be marked using scaled scores. A scaled score of 100 will indicate that the child has reached the expected standard. For more information about the scaled scoring system, visit our Key Stage 2 SATs Marks page.
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