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Four Rules of Number Part 1: Add and Subtract

It is important that students are able to manage the base topics - this helps them to have a firm foundation for their Key Stage 2 maths journey.

It is important for students to know the different words used in adding and subtracting questions, such as "find the total" or "find the difference between". Try our worksheet to help younger students get to grips with the various ways addition and subtraction questions are worded:

Worksheet - Different Words For Addition And Subtraction Sums

On to addition! One of the first steps is learning how to add larger sums with the 'carrying' method. The worksheets below are designed to show the methods for carrying, as well as practice questions. Start with Stage 1, then move on to the larger sums in Stage 2.

Addition With Carrying - Stage 1

Addition With Carrying - Stage 2

When subtracting, students need to learn how to "borrow". This allows them to move on from the one-digit sums to larger calculations. As with Addition, start with the Stage 1 worksheet, then move on to the larger sums in Stage 2.

Subtraction With Borrowing - Stage 1

Subtraction With Borrowing - Stage 2

Take a look at our carrying and borrowing explanation videos.

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