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Welcome to Maths Star - The Home of Maths

Here at Maths Star, we have worked in education for several years and we just LOVE maths! But we also know that not everyone shares that feeling! So, our aim is to give a helping hand to the children doing the maths . . . and the parents, teachers and tutors who are helping them along the way.

What do we cover?

We mainly cover the primary national curriculum, for year groups 1 to 6, although we also have an extension pack available for high achievers which is based around the foundation stages of Key Stage 3.

We also provide support for 11 Plus exams and SATs revision.

What do we offer?

Free downloadable maths worksheets: We know that lots of people just want a worksheet or two to help with revision. Here at Maths Star, we have plenty to offer, from 11 plus maths worksheets (for all those tricky topics such as how to do fractions, percentages or decimals) to basic maths worksheets for those just starting on their mathematics journey!

Times Tables: If there’s one thing we feel strongly about, it’s knowing your times tables! In our times tables section, you can find a free downloadable multiplication grid, along with times tables question sheets and our Ultimate Times Tables Book.

Online Tests: For all those computer whizzkids out there, take a tour around our online tests to practice your times tables, number bonds, 11 plus and SATs. Plus, our new year group tests are great for assessing ability.

Maths Packs: Check out our products page to see all the great revision packs we have available for Key Stage 2 SATs, Level 6 Maths, 11 Plus and Primary Year Groups.

Our ethos:

Make maths learning fun and enjoyable! The more kids enjoy a subject, the easier they will find it.
Progress And Advance In Maths Revision & Practice for Ages 11 too 13

Online SATs Test

11 Plus Revision Pack
Perfect for 11 Plus & SATs Revision

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