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Practice Papers for the Year 6 SATs

The mathematics SATs exam for year 6 pupils comes in 3 parts:
1) Test 1 (a 45 minute non calculator paper)
2) Test 2 (a 45 minute non calculator paper)
3) Mental Arithmetic (listening to questions played on a tape)

The mental arithmetic paper requires speed and good mental calculation ability, so a strong knowledge of the times tables is invaluable (visit Maths Star's Times Tables page for worksheets).

Tests A and B are more about having a general knowledge of mathematical processes. They are tested over levels 3, 4 and 5 in areas such as bar charts, fractions, percentages, pie charts, etc. It is essential that students have good problem solving abilities in order to gain the highest level.

Download our Practice KS2 Maths SATs paper Test A to get the ball rolling (all questions are created using past Year 6 SATs papers and the national curriculum).

Practice makes perfect! And practicing for SATs maths is easy with our 10 miniature online maths tests based on SATs exam-style questions.   Online SATs Test Pack or why not try our Practice KS2 SATS Mental Arithmetic Pack

Is your child taking the Level 6 SAT's tests?  Click here for more information on the Level 6 SATs


Our KS2 Level 5 Maths Pack is designed for children preparing for their SATS

Click here and get yours today!


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